Thief gets a brand new trailer dubbed Stories of the City that attempt to explain the unparallelled darkness of the city that Garrett, the Master Thief, inhabits. Players will jump into a complex world with a big, dark back story that gamers will have to catch up with. The Queen of the Beggars – a rat-adorned old hag – tells us about the city's past.

Thief continues the classic series but has gotten a lot of kick-back from fans. In fact, after delays and announcing more features being taken out of the game than being put in it; Thief faces an uphill battle to win back fans. Especially to outdo the hit game Dishonored that was heavily inspired by the series. But Thief isn't following the comic book styling of Dishonored, instead it looks to add a level of terrifying realism. Terrifying because most of the game will take place in the dark, hearkening back to the game's roots as the original first-person sneaker.

Thief is slated for released on February 25, 2014 for PC, Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 3,4.

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