Here's some strange news to end your day with: According to The Dissolve, Martin Scorsese's upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio-starring film, The Wolf of Wall Street, was nearly given an NC-17 rating by the MPAA because of the amount of sexual content and drug use depicted on screen.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Director Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Street of Wall Street has garnered an R rating -- instead of the dreaded NC-17 -- after the filmmaker agreed to trim certain nudity and sex scenes, insiders confirm to The Hollywood Reporter.

Initially, the Classification and Ratings Administration Board indicated that Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as disgraced Wall Street broker and hedonistic party boy Jordan Belfort, was destined for the more restrictive rating because of abundant, explicit sex (not to mention drugs).

Apparently, some scenes were trimmed to the MPAA's liking, and though it's not clear exactly what scenes were cut, the final edit of the film will recieve an R rating when it hits theaters later this month on Christmas day. 

[via The Dissolve]