Where: Canton, N.Y.
Dorm name: Arcadia Yurt Village
Coolest perk: The outdoor sauna
Unnecessary but awesome: No social media maintenance
Approximate cost: Unknown

Imagine living in a yurt surrounded by ancient trees and embarking on daily excursions like rock climbing or kayaking through crystalline waters. Now imagine doing that in college and having nature literally be the campus. Devoid of every electronic that ordinarily keeps millennials connected ateverysecond, students learning niche majors like Outdoor Studies are thrown straight into the wild of the Adirondacks. The yurts are 16-feet across in diameter and sleep three students each with sleeping bags on top of air mattresses (which means they're bigger than most dorms). Outdoors, students take courses like Natural History of the Adirondacks, Philosophy and the Environment, and Creative Expressions of Nature. The twelve students in the program cook for each other in their outdoor "dorm," chop firewood, and only get to go into the city every other week to do laundry or make phone calls. For some, it may sounds to extreme, but all the students leave talking about the "power of Gaia," which sounds like one hell of a drug. Also, there's a sauna. So, there's that.