Where: Chicago
Dorm name: State Street Village 
Coolest perk: 50" HD TVs in lounges
Unnecessary but awesome: Million dollar views of Chicago
Approximate cost: $2,654

Wanna live on a futuristic tip? State Street Village has sleek, modern dorms created to look like the L-Trains rumbling by. The trio of buildings flank the train line, making for incredible visuals. Designed by world-renowned German-American architect Helmut Jahn, the highly-coveted State Street Village has a 24-hour security guard, a temperature controlled suite, and a kitchenette on every floor. There's also a lounge on every floor, which includes a 50" television for every college students gaming and football-viewing needs. In addition, the surrounding McCormick Tribune Campus Center has video games, pinball machines, and three dining options including a full-service restaurant called the Pritzker Club to impress the parents.