It's no secret that men do things to impress women. Some buy expensive things and generally show off, because they can't help but think with their dicks from time to time under the pretense that material possessions are what really matter to the opposite sex. We know this from observing it in real life, but science is confirming it, which therefore engraves it in stone. 

The Wall Street Journal addressed this so-called "Cheerleader Effect" yesterday:

Sex-related cues like these have been found to make men more prone to take risks while playing blackjack, to discount the future when making economic decisions and to spend on conspicuous luxury items (but not on mundane expenses). Typically, the effects are strongest in single men. By contrast, these studies uniformly report that cues about males have no such effects on women

Just to be clear, women don't make men do dumb things. Men do dumb things to impress women because they assume women give a shit. Some do; others don't. Remember that the next time you waste money on a bottle in the club, just to stand alone in a corner with it. Or, better yet, the next time you buy a woman a drink, only for her to hand it to one of her male friends.

Remember the piercing look of simultaneous disappointment and gratitude that he gives you.

[via Wall Street Journal]