The rule taught from a young age is to not judge a book by its cover. This rule can also apply to other forms of media that are accompanied by a cover image. Honestly, it's tough to not judge something by its cover—especially when it has a pretty badass one. Sure, the controversial gameplay in Mortal Kombat added to its appeal but its minimal yet foreboding cover contributed a lot. the eerily memorable cover for Resident Evil 2 with its undead, flesh-hungry zombie poking its angry face through an open door?

Sometimes great games come with great covers, great covers come with horrible games, horrible covers come with great games and horrible covers come with horrible games. For the purposes of this list, the focus is on the great. These covers were creative but also encouraged people to buy the actual game—when it comes down to it, that's the point anyway. From covers where underwater humanoids with drills protect little girls with needles, to giants looming over an adventurous young buy and his horse, these 25 best video game covers of the past 10 years were the ones that surprised, impressed and shocked the dough out of gamers' pockets. 

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