Telltale Games took to Twitter to drop not one, but two reveals for the month of December. The first is the return of Omid from season 1 and, more importatnly, a hard confirmation for a December release.

Clementine will be starring in Season 2 and it will be a big shift away from Lee Everett being the protagonist. As Lee you were able to kick in zombie skulls right in the soft bits and as Clementine the focus will most certainly be put on how you interact with players and groups. It'll be an intersting inversion if the entire season plays out that way. 

The Walking Dead Season 2 is priced at $25.

A familiar face returns in #TheWalkingDead Season Two premiere episode, "All That Remains," releasing this month.

— Telltale Games (@telltalegames) December 2, 2013


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