The big winner of Spike's VGX video game awards this past weekend was undoubtedly Telltale Games. The makers of the fabulously popular episodic The Walking Dead video game and the recently released The Wolf Among Us announced new projects based on the Borderlands franchise and HBO's Game of Thrones.

Now the developer has assured fans that the Game of Thrones, HBO partnership will be a mutli-year and mutli-title project “taking advantage of all the fiction” of the series for its video game adaptation.

Although Telltale specializes in film and TV series tie-ins the games produced always have a specific style and angle to make the story almost entirely new. What are you looking for in a Game of Thrones game? Telltale says its going to be an action game, “you will be swinging swords.” Only one thing is for certain: everyone dies in the end.

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