What if a right-wing conservative group commonly accused of racist beliefs posted a satirical image from a video game about a libertarian, nationalist group of racist slave owners? Oops, it just did.

The National Liberty Foundation, a Florida-based group of conservatives who identify with the right-wing group known as the Tea Party have posted the above image from BioShock Infinite on their Facebook page.

The group posted the image of an anti-immigration carton – modeled on actual anti-immigration cartoons from America's muddy past – from the popular video game. The image was presented in the game as propaganda of the Founders, a racist, xenophobic group that based the city of Columbia ideology on the original document of the United States, sounds kinda familiar?

Apparently no one had the foresight to explain to the posters that the racist society of Columbia in BioShock Infinite ends up collapsing under the weight of its xenophobic goals.

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[Via Kotaku]