Capybara Games’ mad Contra send-up Super Time Force will be released in early 2014 for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, reports Joystiq.

The addition slightly brings up the number of independent releases for Microsoft’s latest console, but it’s a good one to add: Super Time Force has players blasting through a ridiculous run-and-gun world where death comes swiftly, but every time you perish a copy of your ghost (i.e., your last playthrough, a la Super Meat Boy’s failed run ghosts) joins the fray, making things scale upward from normal high-octane shooter to something significantly more insane in a matter of minutes.

Super Time Force will be out within “the first few months of 2014,” say the developers, though the team’s Xbox One timed-exclusive dungeon crawler Below is still without a release date.

Still, for a system that only has a handful of indie releases announced, this is good news for Xbox One players.

Via Joystiq