It's already been proven that attractive people get better jobs, make more money and are generally more accepted by society, because, well, science. A new study with unsurprising results claims that the more attractive high school students typically get better grades, and the results are about to be published later this week, thus engraving it in stone.

A comparison of information from the National Longitudal Study of Adolescent Health and GPA data revealed that the better looking kids do, in fact, tend to have better grades.

The study used data collected from teens during the 1994-1995 school year, back when My So Called Life was still airing and teen angst was at an all-time high. The study has followed the kids for the last 19 years and learned that both male and female students who were considered slightly above-average looking got better grades and were just better liked by teachers.

So while this confirms that the pretty people will always get by in life because the world likes them better, has anybody considered the ugly high school ducklings who eventually hatched and became success stories? Do these anomalies ruin the data?

[via Gawker]