Last September Valve, the makers of the online game delivery service Steam, announced it would send out 300 of its new Steam Machines to lucky beta testers in December. Now the lucky 300 are getting their first look at the new machine and with it comes the first unboxing of a Steam Machine by YouTube user Corey Nelson.

The system comes in a tight fitting box that looks a little like a small ammo crate from Half-Life. The drop includes the Steam Machine, beta controller (Steam's final version will have a touchscreen), manuals, HDMI and USB cables, as well as the requisite power cords and a wi-fi antenna. Check out the video the the rest of the contents and how each looks.

During the announcement earlier this year, Valve revealed that the Steam Machines - basically small PCs designed to run Valve's own SteamOS and work like a console - would be made by 3rd part companies and come completely scalable. Scalable in that they will vary in power, size, shape and price. The release of the beta systems also marks the news that SteamOS has been released as well, so savvy gamers and developers can begin to work with the new, open operating system.

The final retail versions of the Steam Machines and its new thumstick-free controllers will hit retail sometime in 2014.

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[Via Kotaku]