Square-Enix's Europe office has apparently filed an application for a Lara Croft: Reflections, Siliconera reported this week. The news comes just weeks after Square officially unveiled the next-gen port of this year'sTomb Raider reboot, and assuming whatever the new trademark is for isn't a game about Lara acquiring the Ubisoft studio best known for Driver (and wouldn't that be a trip), it's possible that it could be an early indication of what Tomb Raider 2013's as-of-yet untitled next-gen sequel might be called.

Then again, it could just be Square covering their bases, as happens often in the industry. Given that the original Tomb Raider currently has no single player DLC planned, it seems like a new titular direction for the sequel is perhaps the most likely scenario. It would make sense if the next game switches to a "Lara Croft" moniker – Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes has stated that whatever happens after Tomb Raider 2013 (in the series' quasi-retconned timeline, that is) will focus on whatever happens next in Lara's life. That said, there could be some story DLC forTomb Raider 2013 somewhere down the line.

In any case, if the series is for the moment getting rebranded it's probably for the best, since this year's reboot probably should've been called (Optional) Tomb Raider.

[Update]: It's a collectible card game for iOS.

Via Siliconera