Just as we were preparing to mourn the loss of classic media player Winamp, Spotify has swooped in to revive the old-school software in a retro app appropriately called Spotiamp. Premium Spotify subscribers using Windows machines can use the "fully functional music player" to stream music through their accounts. The app's interface also comes with a Winamp-style equalizer and visualizer.

"To honour the engineering skill and passion that goes into building wonderful software that millions of people enjoy we would like to share a small tribute to honour the great legacy of Winamp," said Spotify’s Channtal Fleischfresser in a blog post.

"We hope this will give you some nice memories of the days before Spotify," she added.

Winamp was first launched in 1997 and made a huge mark in the early days of the digital music gold rush before eventually fading out and finally being canned by AOL this week.

[via VentureBeat]