The streaming music wars are upon us.

With Beats Music already letting would-be customers register usernames on its website in preparation for its launch next month, Spotify may have a special announcement up its sleeve as well. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company is gearing up to introduce a free version of its mobile streaming service that lets customers listen to their music through phones and tablets without cost, instead of paying the usual $10 per month they have traditionally charged for users on mobile. The service will be ad-supported, of course, and will allow users to pick a certain amount of songs on demand, and the app will choose the rest of the music based on their selections, sort of like Pandora. Spotify has locked in a press event here in NYC for Dec. 11th, so we'll have some more details then. Now, if the announcement stays in line with what's rumored, the company won't be changing the game at all, but it at least will make a lot of their current users pretty satisfied, especially if they allow mobile access to playlists.

(Hint: Spotify, you totally should.)

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[via Wall Street Journal]