It's been about 17 years since Space Jam was released, and still, it has an iron grip hold on the hearts of people across the world. Like those in Ecuador, who have apparently taken to building gigantic effigies of characters from the film to burn on New Year's Eve in celebration of 2014. The image of the tribute popped up, of course, on Reddit, with the following explanation:

Some background about the pic: in Ecuador, they celebrate the New Year by burning wood/carton dolls. Normally they pick politicians, or recent cartoon dolls… honestly I don’t know why these particular guys picked to design characters from a 1996 movie.

The effigies are generally burnt every NYE for good luck, and in hopes of a good upcoming year—so when you put it that way, it makes total sense that they picked Space Jam. Here is a shot of the effigies, via Reddit:

And a happy New Year to us all.

[via Uproxx]