Sorry Australians, you won't be able to play South Park: Stick of Truth in its entirety after the game was forced to removed several mini-games from the local version. Guess you'll have to go outside and enjoy your island surfing paradise. Instead of the mini-games the scenes will features a image of a crying koala with the words “CENSORED” over the beast.

The Australian classifications board, the last bastion of decency in the southern hemisphere, rejected Stick of Truth twice, taking issue with an animated sequence title “Alien Probing” among others. The report states that the adult's characters' voices and comments in the scene hint that they are “sedated or deeply asleep” with “no indication of explicit or implicit consent is viewed in the sequence.” Clearly the board doesn't know how alien anal probing work.

The report also points out the player's character, a fart-throwing minor, who is subjected to an anal probe/apparatus that “visually resemble penises.” The board refused the game classification twice because of this and an interactive, and “very high impact” scene set in an abortion clinic which involves controlling a wire and a vacuum device on a female NPC.

After being refused twice, developer Obsidian cut out interactive probing scene and replacing it with text describing the scene's actions atop an image of a crying koala emblazoned with the word “CENSORED.”

Publisher Ubisoft confirms that three mini-games have been removed for the Australian released but “No full sequences have been removed from the game, only small sections amounting to less than five minutes of game play.”

South Park: Stick of Truth was delayed previously this year until March 4, 2014 but has had a very rocky road when it didn't meet its original release date of 2012 when its first publisher THQ collapse into bankruptcy.

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