If you were checked out of the Twitter-sphere last night as The Sound of Music Live! aired on NBC, you may have missed just about everyone and their mothers sharing one startling revelation with the world: Carrie Underwood is, in fact, not Julie Andrews.

It's shocking, yes—but true! Carrie Underwood is not Julie Andrews, and for that, Twitter felt it imperative to rip apart every single second of her performance as if she were Paris Hilton attempting Shakespeare, or something. No matter that it was pretty much her first time acting in a production and role of this scale, or that it was a live telecast, or that she has no control over the fact that her costume looks like what the St. Pauli girl wears—Twitter says SHE MUST BE STOPPED. And so they tried, 140 vicious characters at a time.

Seriously though, Underwood got some mad hate on the social networking site last night, mostly from people who felt her acting wasn't up to par for the role of Maria—so much so, that you've almost got to feel bad for the girl. 

For starters, some thought her acting was a bit flat...

That was way harsh, Michael.

Some thought she needed acting lessons...



And some people had some questions about Carrie's choices during her performance:


This isn't exactly related to Underwood's performance, but Twitter also had a lot to say about her wardrobe:

Sounds about right.

Gotta admit...she has a point.

But, for every person who criticized, there was at least one voice of reason:

The joke's on everyone who hated Carrie Underwood's performance, anyway: She still got paid.