Snapchat has launched an update that introduces a handful of new features to the photo-messaging service. Among other things, Snapchat now comes equipped with a range of new photo filters, including 'smart filters', which overlay photo data—such as the time, weather, and speed at which the sender was moving when the image was taken—on top of snaps. There's also the addition of flash for the front-facing camera, meaning your selfie snaps are about to get just a little bit brighter.

But, perhaps most intriguingly, the update delivers Replay, a new feature that allows users to rewatch a snap they've already seen. The image is still deleted from Snapshat's servers after being opened the first time, but users can select one snap per day to view a second time. "You only get one a day, so you've got to use it where it counts," advised Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

"We just decided as a holiday present to the Snapchat community that we would put out a couple things we thought were fun," Spiegel told The Verge

[via Gizmodo]