America has won the race—the race to become to the first country to watch more than half of their porn on smartphones.

Adult website Pornhub released the data recently, which detailed how much porn people streamed over the year, how they did it, and what day of the week they did it on. With more than 15 billion total views of porn streamed from their website in 2013, about 52-percent of America's consumption was through smartphones, compared to 46-percent last year. Thanks to smartphones, you don't have to be at a desktop, or even home, to get your daily dose of porn.

Also, Pornhub released their numbers about what days of the week people like to watch their x-rated content, and it seems as if the most popular day of the week to view porn is on Monday—at least everywhere except Japan.

None of this data is likely to change your life in anyway, but, hey, the more you know.

[via Pornhub]