In the realm of officially licensed film properties that have been turned into video games, the enjoyable ones could probably be counted on a single meaty fist.

If this were an announcement for a console release starring Will Ferrell for Anchorman 2, the suggestion would be to run as far as humanly possible. Since this is a trailer for a mobile game, we're fairly confident that Ron Burgundy has found a fitting platform.

From iTunes:

"A game of deception, intrigue and ice. Hello friends, legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy here to describe the greatest app in the history of western civilization, Scotchy Scotch Toss. This mobile game, which I personally developed, combines my two favorite things: Scotch, and playful exchanges with total strangers. Simply toss ice cubes into my glass of Scotch and I'll offer neighborly encouragement. OR, miss your shot and I'll flog you like a petulant mule. Either way you're going to hear about it!"

Ferrell recorded over 300 new one-liners for the new app, so that's something you can at least feel confident about when you quote them ad nauseam in the months to come.

Grab the app right here.


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