R. Kelly dropped his new album, Black Panties, yesterday. To help give it a last push of promotion, he went on Twitter Tuesday afternoon to let fans ask him a few questions using the #AskRKelly hashtag. 

Seems that his PR team didn't fill him in on past marketing stunts that have gone horribly wrong, when the person (or company) has had a few, let's call them, blips on their reputation. So when R. hopped on the Twittersphere, he got bombarded with some legitimate questions, while other questions hinted at his not-so-innocent past (we're pretty sure you know what we're talking about.) One Twitter follower tried to warn R. before things started to pick up.

Here's what R. had to face last night:


If you feel bad, don't. He should have seen this coming. #TheInternetNeverForgets