Headphones are accessories. There is no way around that. Today’s style law dictates that one’s headphones must set off one’s look, on par with your hat, sneakers and backpack. It could be easy then to fall into the trap of sacrificing sound for looks, but thankfully Beats by Dre is there to catch you. Since they hit the scene, Dr. Dre’s signature line of headphones has set a standard for both style and progressive audio technology.

The latest member of the Beats family is the Solo HD in matte colors. Drenched in color, the Beats Solo run with a single theme—the all-over color encompasses earcups, cord and headband. The matte finish ensures a clean look, while the reflective Beats logo provides that little bit of shine.

The look of the new Solo HD is undeniably fresh, but they wouldn’t be Beats without the superior sound that has made the company famous. With the Beats Solo HD experience being so immersive, there is even a chance you won’t notice all the looks you’re getting—but it’s not likely.