After teasing North American gamers for months with amazing 3DS XL bundles and art for Pokemon X & Y America is getting its own bundle but in a Nintendo 2DS form. Available at Target and Toys ‘R’ Us the bundles will drop on December 6.

Now for the tricky part: Each bundle is an exclusive to the retailer, that means if you want Pokemon X pre-installed in red then you’ll have to get it at Target. If however you’re down with Pokemon Y in blue you’ll have to huff it over to Toys ‘R’ Us. Yes Pokemon gamers, the colors are reversed from the characters, why? We’ve asked Nintendo to elaborate but no word yet.

Pokemon X & Y bundles go on sale at their respective exclusive retailer on December 6, for $149.99. Read out in-depth review of the Nintendo 2DS here, and how to grab some sneaky Pokemon in X & Y.

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[Via IGN]