The PlayStation 4 launched last Friday in Europe and while the numbers aren’t completely in yet, it’s safe to say that the PS4 has already outsold the Wii U’s lifetime numbers and the Xbox One’s launch numbers in the UK and set a record as the fastest selling console in UK history.

While we haven’t seen many videos of the crazy UK mobbing – we all know how much the English like to stand in line – Germany however is a different story. Coming off the back of crazy US Black Friday videos and deaths it’s nice to know there is another country willing to risk life and limb in the pursuit of virtual happiness. These gamers are rushing their local electronic store harder than uncle Bubba going after the free sock deal at Wal-Mart.

While the European launch of the PlayStation 4 seems to be a success at this point the console wars will continue as the holiday deals heat up. One thing is for sure: do not stand between a German gamer and their PS4.

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