Walmart employees have taken to protesting for high wages, which some don't feel they deserve.

Peter Schiff, an investor and certified asshole after this stunt, doesn't believe Walmart has to pay employees a cent more than they make now. To prove his point, the Euro Pacific Capital founder, went to Walmart and set up his own rally for a phony organization called "15 for 15."

Schiff approached shoppers, telling them Walmart wants to raise prices by 15 percent in order to provide workers with a $15 minimum wage. Keep in mind that the real campaign for higher wages only wants $13 an hour. As Schiff pestered customers, he asked if they supported his bogus campaign; if they did, he asked if they would give him 15 percent of what they just spent at the store to help the "cause."

For every legitimate argument, there's a rich dick with too much time on his hands.

[via Business Insider]