In a story that easily could've been penned by Larry Clark, a young Pennsylvania couple was charged with murder this week after allegedly luring a man through a Craigslist ad, then killing him for the "fun" of it.

On the week of Nov. 12, 22-year-old Elytte Barbour and 18-year-old Miranda Barbour posted an ad offering companionship in exchange for money to Craigslist. Troy LaFerrara, 42, made the fatal mistake of responding. The couple set up a meeting with LaFerrara, and as soon as he stepped inside of their SUV, Elytte Barbour strangled him with a cord while Miranda Barbour stabbed him 20 times. His body was discovered in Sunbury, Pa. on Nov. 12.

More sordid details:
-The couple had only been married two weeks before the murder.
-Elytte Barbour told authorities that they had attempted to kill before, but arrangements prevented it.
-Though Miranda Barbour was paid for "companionship" before, Elytte Barbour said it never included sex, insisting his wife is "not a prostitute." Men paid her for "conversation."

Apparently, Miranda Barbour's conversation is worth something priceless—your life.

[via Gawker]