Thanks to PayPal, we now know that there's a chance that the gift your auntie ordered online was probably bought while she was naked.

The company's survey revealed that 11-percent of holiday shoppers preferred to shop while naked. On the other hand, 33-percent admitted to shopping while in pajamas, while 15-percent drank alcohol while browsing the Internet for goods. Those are just the people who participated, and even cared to admit it. Of the shoppers, there's a chance many of them were probably laying down, on the toilet, or walking around the house while naked, since 86-percent of participants said they were going to shop while on their mobile device. Who needs malls anymore? Who needs pants?

Here are some details on the survey:

Reputation Leaders, an independent market research firm, conducted an online survey of 4,524 consumers aged 16–64 about their holiday shopping plans leading up to the 2013 holiday season. The survey, commissioned by PayPal, was conducted from November 1-11, 2013, among 500 or more online respondents in each of nine countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States).

[via Internet Revolution]