A surveillance camera at Nervous Dog Coffee Bar in Stow, Ohio caught a man stealing from the tip jar. Rather than involve the law, the coffee shop took the generoud approach, electing to help him out by holding a food drive for him. 

"He stuck his hand straight into the tip jar and took out as much as he could get and walked out like nothing happened," manager Scott Moses told WKYC. "We assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he's probably in desperate times."

Attribute it to the holiday spirit, but both Nervous Dog locations (in Akron and Stow, respectively) are holding a food drive. The first person to donate was the barista that served him. Nervous Dog says that if the man comes forward, the food will be given to him. However, if he does not, all collections will be forwarded to the Akron/Canton Food Bank by Christmas. 

"If he does see this, I'd tell him to come back into the Nervous Dog Coffee Bar in Stow. We'd love to have you back," Moses said. 

[via WKYC]