Virtual reality with the Oculus Rift is one of the most exciting changes to gaming dropping in 2014. As such there are lots of companies coming out with all kinds of gadgets for use in this new virtual world, some of them are pretty frightening.

One of the most interesting though, and featured here for its ability to really tie a room together, is the Omni treadmill. The Omni appealed for investment from the Sharks, on the reality show The Shark Tank over the weekend and revealed one of the fatal flaws of the system, it’s crazy-goofy looking.

Omni first raised a ton of money on Kickstarter, over a million bucks, but will people really have the cash to spend on the treadmill and commit to using it? The Sharks bet against the Omni as a gaming necessity. What do you think? Did you help the Omni’s Kickstarter campaign? Do you think the total cost of the Omni ($500), Oculus Rift ($300), plus the PC that this assumes you have be worth it to hoof it all over Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V?

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