When he's not busy running the country and stuff, apparently President Barack Obama really loves his television. According to Zap2It, the president is a huge fan of a variety of TV shows of the moment—and, with every critic in the industry busy putting out their best of 2013 lists, it seems fitting to hear Obama's best of list as well, right? Right. 

From Zap2It:

Apparently Obama has told people that he's a "big fan" of "Game of Thrones," while raving about "Boardwalk Empire" and "Downton Abbey." His love of "Homeland" has been well-documented, as has been his love of "The Wire." He's watched all the DVDs of "Mad Men" and relates Peggy Olsen to his "strong-willed grandmother." He is currently binging a DVD box of "Breaking Bad," and it is said that he is "way behind and frequently reminds those around him not to give anything away." Then there's "House of Cards," which strikes very close to home.

So, the prez loves Game of Thrones. Do you think he was just as broken up over the Red Wedding as the rest of us were?

He reportedly also can't get enough of Modern Family, and, most importantly, Parks and Recreation. Most important because, if NBC ever decides to cancel it, they'll be pissing off the President of the United States, and who wants to do that?

[via Zap2It]