When NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly makes his ceremonious exit next month, he'll leave with a 10-officer security detail worth $1.5 million. Kelly's security team is actually larger than the six-officer detail he requested last month, meaning it will cost taxpayers even more money. Look at Ray Kelly, still pissing people off in retirement.

According to DNAinfo, the NYPD's Intelligence Division beefed the detail up to add a lieutenant, as well as a sergeant to accompany every two-detective team. The average salary for these officers is $140,000, and when you add overtime, the cost will exceed $1.5 million.

As for Michael Bloomberg, he'll take 17 members of his detail with him, allowing them to retire from the department, then hiring them for $150,000 each. He'll pay for that himself, as his pockets are a just bit deeper than Kelly's.

The upside is that the NYPD will reevaluate Kelly's security needs in six months, meaning they could reorganize it and save taxpayers a few dollars. The people of New York City would appreciate that.

[via DNAinfo]