Paz De La Huerta is back with a vengeance. After being cut from Boardwalk Empire, Hollywood's favorite loose canon is back on screen with the psycho-thriller Nurse 3D. In it, she plays evil nurse Abby Russell, a sociopath who develops an obsession with new recruit Danni—because of course it ends in an "i" —played by Katrina Bowden. Slowly, Danni starts to unravel the mystery of Russell, jeopardizing her life and the lives of the people around her, including her boyfriend (played by that Disney guy Corbin Bleu).

It's replete with sexy nurse outfits, Paz's awful yet awesome tan, and super campy dialogue. Basically, it's pure B-movie goodness. It's got all the makings of a future cult classic. 

Catch in the theaters on February 7, 2014. Or else...


[via The Playlist]