Community fans rejoiced when news broke that series mastermind Dan Harmon was returning to the series after a troublesome fourth season without him. The ultra optimistic held out hope that maybe the upcoming season could see the family fully reunited and bring Chevy Chase back into the fold as eccentric, politically incorrect millionaire Pierce Hawthorne. Well, don't hold your breath.

During a profile with The New York Times, Harmon admitted that "It would take a special situation for Chevy to return to the show." You'll remember that Chase exited the series after several public disputes with Harmon, and later his replacements, and comments that he hated being on the show. Having dismissed the hours as "hideous" and sitcoms as "the lowest form of television," it's a safe bet to assume that Greendale has seen the last of Pierce.

Later in the feature Harmon spoke on the pressures of being back in the hot seat and steering the show back in the right direction: "I'm not flattered by it, and I don't feel vindicated or boosted by it. I don't feel like it's any kind of license to burn money or be unprofessional or self-indulgent in any way. I only feel pressure, because I feel like all I can do is screw up. And there's only one way to interpret me screwing up, because it can't possibly be their fault this time."

Community returns on January 2.

[via NYT]