For gamers waist-deep in the retro-everything movement, Nintendo has not only re-released a set of classics like Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. and Excitebike but they've also threw in a few changes to sweeten the deal. NES Remix was announced today for the Wii U and promises an all new experience with the games everyone grew up on. 

Instead of Mario swinging his hammer all willy-nilly at barrels in Donkey Kong, Link from The Legend of Zelda has taken his place. In the reworked version of the 1984 legendary bike racer Excitebike, there's an automatic turbo boost that ups the challenge level. Nintendo put the magic touch on other favorites like Super Mario Bros that takes on a feel similar to Playdead's 2010 hit Limbo.

Retroheads can get NES Remix today from the Nintendo eStore for $15 as a reasonable 830 MB download.

[via Nintendo]