Today, Sen. Liz Krueger introduced a bill to legalize and tax marijuana in the state of New York. Is this because Krueger just wants to get high without being hassled by the law? No, it's because she wants to keep the law from harassing young (black) men for possession of small amounts of marijuana. 

"We’re paying taxpayer money to ruin lives, disproportionately for those from communities of color, with no real public policy goal to be found in any of it," she explained. A-fucking-men.

Under Krueger's proposed bill, up to two ounces of marijuana would be available for legal purchase by people 21 and over, while anyone over 18 would still be able to use or have marijuana in their possession. Furthermore, there would be an excise tax of $50 on a ounce of weed and each locality would have the option of applying a sales tax on retail sales. It's the "liquor store model," as Krueger put it. 

Don't get your hopes up, New York. Even though his administration has supported the notion of legalization, Gov. Andrew Cuomo branded the bill a "non-starter," extinguishing hope of legal weed smoking in the empire state for the time being.

Maybe one day.

[via The Daily Intelligencer]