ALERT. ALERT. Stop whatever you are doing right now, no matter how important it is, because this completely takes priority: HBO has released a promotional trailer for all of the programming that aired this year—and it includes some new footage from the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones

OK, so technically it's like eight seconds. But who cares! Eight seconds of new Game of Thrones footage is still eight seconds of new Game of Thrones footage. Thanks to this new trailer, we now know that Tyrion will be walking...somewhere! Sansa looks sort of happy for once! And hey, did Joffrey get a haircut? He doesn't look like he likes it. Or, maybe that's just his face.

Oh, there's also a bunch of new footage for some of HBO's other upcoming shows, like Looking, True Detective, Silicon Valley, Girls, Veep, and more. 

You can check out the promo above. The new footage for Game of Thrones begins at about one minute, 37 seconds in.

[via Uproxx]