GUYS. Netflix's new show sounds completely awesomeAccording to Vulture, the video streaming site announced today that they have picked up the animated series BoJack Horseman, which follows a horse that used to be the star of a sitcom called Horsin' Around in the '90s, but is now a whiskey-drinking screw-up that would put Hank Moody to shame. His former TV sidekick is a human named Todd, and his agent/ex-lover is a cat named Princess Caroline—but it's not weird or anything, OK? 

The best part, though, are the stars: Will Arnett is set to voice BoJack, Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul is set to voice Todd, and Amy Sedaris will voice Princess Caroline.

In other words, Arnett, Paul, and Sedaris ARE IN A SHOW. TOGETHER. 

The first season will consist of 12 episodes that, in Netflix fashion, will premiere all at once so you can binge to your heart's desire. As of now, the release date is set for some time in mid-2014.

[via Vulture]