Usually when screaming at your console of choice the worst that can happen in your neighbor calling the cops, your girlfriend/boyfriend leaving or being banned from certain online gaming activities. But now users are reporting it’s actually affecting their gameplay.

Players able to not throw their controllers across the room are reporting that Xbox One and Kinect are listening and handing out technical fouls in NBA 2K14. The fan above uploaded this NSFW video of receiving a technical foul during single-player mode for screaming at his Xbox One.

The reported censorship doesn’t seem to extend to all Xbox One games and apps but seems to be a “feature” that developers have incorporated into games like NBA 2K14 and FIFA 14. It's also been an issue in Microsoft's video sharing app Upload Studio. Reddit user RossBoomsocks receive this warning from his club’s board of directors in FIFA 14:

Most gamers will see the censorship of harmful and mostly homophobic screaming in multiplayer games as a good thing but not being able to scream my favorite curse words at the Lakers in NBA 2K14? That’s definitely going to be an issue.

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[Via Deadspin]