A representative of 2K Sports has confirmed what many gamers have been reporting online, that in a effort to create a “more civilized online environment” 2K Sports has announced that if the Kinect of PlayStation Camera catches gamers using profanity while playing NBA 2K14, you’ll receive a technical foul.

Users began posting videos earlier this week of receiving fouls during single-player and online games for cursing. In real-world college or professional basketball referees can call technical fouls on just about anyone – players, coaches, the manager – for unsportsmanlike conduct. Accruing two technical fouls gets a player ejected. Why in the world would 2K bring it into your living room? The representative went on to explain this as a feature that brings both realism and a “more civilized environment for our players.” 2K would not elaborate on the list of naughty words but says that the game includes all “the obvious ones are there.”

Players can disable NBA 2K14’s voice controls in the game’s options menu and open up a can of sailor mouth but watch it during online play.

In other news, to provide more rich and robust Grand Theft Auto Online experience, that game will begin printing out traffic citations for common vehicle violations - you know - because realism. What do you think? Where does this kind of censorship end and which team are you going to miss screaming at the most?

[UPDATE] Grand Theft Auto Online is not sending out citations, everyone please calm down.

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[Via Gamespot]