Well, this is new.

Google got a little creative in its advertising for the Moto X with January's issue of Wired. To help promote one of the phone's main selling points, its customization options, Google set up a page in the magazine that allows users to change the colors of a Moto X image by touching a corresponding color. Insane! Well, it's impressive, maybe not insane. Think of it as the same technology that goes into one of those electronic greeting cards, with a little bit more style. The video above shows an exploded look of the circuitry that goes into making the ad, which features membrane buttons, LEDs, and a razor-thin battery. Only about 25-percent of Wired's readers will see the ad, and it will only be distributed in New York and Chicago. If you think you're seeing a lot of Moto X recently, that's no accident: the device sold more than 500,000 in the company's third quarter. This ad might get them a few more.

[via Mashable]