Just call 2013 the year of the torrent. TorrentFreak has just released their list of the most torrented shows of this year, and, as it turns out, a lot of people torrented popular TV shows this year—as in, millions.

According to the list, HBO's monster hit Game of Thrones unsurprisingly won with 5,900,000 downloads in 2013, followed by Breaking Bad with 4,200,000 downloads, then The Walking Dead with 3,600,000. All in all, not that surprising—these shows were the most popular on social media, so it makes sense that they'd be popular in torrenting as well. Not to mention, they're all cable shows (and in GoT's case, premium cable), which not everyone has access to through their service provider. 

Here's the list, in full, with the number of downloads included.

1. Game of Thrones - 5,900,000
2. Breaking Bad - 4,200,000
3. The Walking Dead - 3,600,000
4. The Big Bang Theory - 3,400,000
5. Dexter - 3,100,000
6. How I Met Your Mother - 3,000,000
7. Suits - 2,600,000
8. Homeland - 2,400,000
9. Vikings - 2,300,000
10. Arrow - 2,200,000

[via TorrentFreak]