Kids these days.

A 50-year-old Missouri mother was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment when a topless photo of her and her 14-year-old daughter in a hot tub was sent over Snapchat by her 13-year-old daughter. The photo, which reportedly showed the mother and daughter topless but covering their nipples, was screenshoted at least once when it was messaged to students at two of the area's high schools through the self-deleting app last month. The woman's son attends one of those high schools, and was reportedly harassed by classmates because of the photo. The mother says that she wasn't posing with her daughter, but was simply getting out of the hot tub when the photo was taken, and told her daughter to delete the photo. “I was aware the photo was taken, and I told her at that second, please delete that photo,” the mom said. “I wasn’t posing I was getting out of the tub.”

Police, though, say it was deliberate. “The issue here is the fact the daughter was 14 and the mother was clearly present and involved when the photo was taken,” said St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar. “It certainly appeared that the picture was posed and it certainly had some sexual overtones."

The names of the mother and daughter haven't been made public to protect their identity. The 14-year-old was in trouble last year for sending nude photos of herself, according to court records. 

Guess Missouri loves company.

[via STL Today]