Console modder Ben Heck has followed up his many creations – including a single-handed Xbox 360 controller – by creating an Xbox One controller that can be used with only one hand by gamers with disability that would prevent them form using two.

The inclusive controllers' creation will be detailed in Friday's installment of Element14's The Ben Heck Show. Check out a teaser video below for a look at the unit and Heck gluing himself to different things.

The modified controller features the left-trigger on its backside next to the battery. This version is designed to be used as a right-hand only because “that's the most common request,” says Heck.

Gaming should be inclusive and as such Heck is donating the controller to Able Gamers Foundation, a charity aimed at making video games more accessible for those with disabilities. Or put one together so you can use your other hand for shoveling in neon calories or feeding a slowly spiraling out of the control Red Bull addiction.

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[Via Gamespot]