Undeterred by the fact that Ground Zeroes' PlayStation-exclusive mission "Deja Vu" doesn't make any sense in the Metal Gear timeline (or even that Solid Snake wasn't even born yet in 1975, when the game takes place), Konami, Hideo Kojima and company have released a new trailer taking a look at this specially retro-themed mission, which pits blocky old classic PS One-era Snake (ergo, not Big Boss) in a mission of unknown sorts that evidently somehow involves former DARPA chief Donald Anderson and possibly Psycho Mantis.

True to Metal Gear style, "Deja Vu" looks like nice, goofy fan service, but nothing too substantial (the same goes for the Xbox-exclusive mission starring Raiden).

Ground Zeroes, i.e. the first part of Metal Gear Solid V (and probably the only one you'll be able to play until 2015), drops March 18.

Via Youtube