It's Christmas Day, and you know what that means—it's time to binge on qualuudes, participate in a sex orgy on an airplane, and throw midgets into velcro bulls-eyes. Yes, seriously. Save all of the opening of presents, family dinners, and caroling for the next guy. Do yourselves a favor and haul ass to the nearest multiplex and bask in the glorious debauchery overload that is The Wolf of Wall Street, the new film from cinematic icon Martin Scorsese.

Since making his first feature, Who's That Knocking at My Door, in 1967, Scorsese has consistently been one of each subsequent decade's greatest filmmakers. In the '70s, he blessed audiences with Taxi Driver. In the '80s, Raging Bull. The following decade, Goodfellas and Casino. Then, in the aughts, The Departed. And now, at 71 years of age, Scorsese has made his wildest movie yet in The Wolf of Wall Street, a three-hour burst of hedonism starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, a real-life deviant who used his stockbroking job as fuel for all things sex, drugs, and money. It's one of Scorsese's best films, one that, in time, could rank right up there alongside the director's universally celebrated classics, including Taxi Driver and Goodfellas.

But where does The Wolf of Wall Street land within the director's extensive résumé as of right now? Get ready to debate—and, of course, hate—as Complex ranks Martin Scorsese's movies, from worst to best (excluding his documentaries).