Mark O'Mara, who helped get George Zimmerman acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin this past July, is under investigation by the Florida Bar for a possible violation of ethical rules during his defense. 

NBC News says state bars officials declined to give details. "The Florida Bar has one case pending at staff in regard to attorney Mark O'Mara's representation of George Zimmerman," said spokeswoman Karen Kirksey, who added that "all other information is confidential" at the moment. 

The identity of whoever filed the complaint against O'Mara remains a secret. O'Mara has refused to represent Zimmerman since his acquittal, claiming that neither he, nor attorney Don West, have been compensated for the over 3,000 hours of work they each performed. Another lawyer said that Zimmerman is $2.5 million in debt, which O'Mara said consists mostly of legal fees. No wonder he's selling art.

Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for O'Mara, said that the attorney is "unable to comment" on the matter right now.

[via NBC News]

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