In Fernando Caignet Aguilera's mind, an alligator for a beer is a damn good trade. 

Aguilera reportedly entered Miami's Santa Ana Market on Dec. 10 with a four-foot alligator, which he attempted to exchange for a 12-pack of beerJorge Pino, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said he had "never experienced anything like [that] in 25 years in law enforcement."

Pino told NBC Miami that Aguilera found the gator at a park close to the store, then entered and propositioned the clerk. Understandably alarmed, the clerk phoned authorities. The FWC arrived, taking the gator and citing Aguilera for trying to sell (or trade, or whatever) it. 

The gator was allowed to return to the wild, while Aguilera reportedly took to demanding money from members of the media who he attacked outside of his home last night. 

[via NBC Miami]

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