Many people treat their pets like children, and people will (and should) go to great lengths to provide for their kids. Conversely, some people just spoil the shit out of their kids. One Japanese man went a bit too far, getting himself in trouble in the process.

According to authorities, 48-year-old Mamoru Demizu launched a year-long crime spree, stealing close to $200,000 because because, for whatever reason, he needed to provide his 128 cats with gourmet cat food. He allegedly broke into 32 homes during that span, stealing a total of $185,000 which allowed him to spend $250 a day on his cats.

There are so many questions to be asked here, yet only two that matter:

1. Why did his cats need to have the finest food?

2. Why did he have 128 cats?

Questions he'll have time to consider in jail. Speaking of questions, here's one more: What's going to happen to his cats while he's locked up? 

[via Business Insider]