The male birth control pill might actually happen. Researchers at Melbourne's Monash University have reportedly been testing a pill that would function like a short-term vasectomy, making it so that the ejaculate doesn't contain any actual sperm. 

They've been tested on mice whose sperm produced healthy babies; after ingesting the pill, they were 100 percent infertile. Better yet, it won't affect the sperm or hormones negatively, so it won't harm sex drive or ruin the possibility of having children down the line. 

Speaking of down the line, it might be a very long time before the male birth control pill is available for sale. First, remember that these tests were conducted on mice—not humans. Second, the cost of testing the pills coupled with the lack of potential customers could be a pretty big obstacle. In the meantime, keep it traditional and wrap it up—unless you want kids.

[via The Cut]